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The YOUniversal Luv Movement Podcast

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Podcast w/ Dr. Carl S. Moore

the Podcast

This podcast invites listeners to join the YOUniversal Luv Movement. Hosted by Dr. Carl S. Moore, along with various esteemed guests, the show offers a unique perspective, encouraging listeners to see themselves and the world through a ‘love lens’. Filled with inspirational messages, it prompts deep reflection and fosters a renewed commitment to growth narratives, solution-focused thinking, and an asset-based approach to engagement. Moreover, the podcast emphasizes the importance of self-love and the healing journey that accompanies it. While episodes traverse a range of subjects, including humanizing leadership, self-care, and the intersections of learning science with health and wellness, the YOUniversal Love Movement's central aim remains constant: to champion and promote love, with a foundational emphasis on self-love.


Love yourself enough to love all those around you...

- Dr. Carl S. Moore


Why the YOUniversal Luv Movement?

The creator of this podcast has spent almost 25 years researching, reading, feeling, healing, experiencing various religious rituals, and working professionally in search of ways to improve the human condition. Underneath all of the differences and dividing variables, he has found love not only to be a reoccurring theme but to be socially and metaphysically a binding thread. One day it became clear for Carl that if the world were to love each other as much as he dreamed of, the individuals in it had to truly love themselves. 


With this awakening, he decided to create the YOUniversal Luv Movement. He replaced the "u" in the word universal with "You" to highlight the importance of self-love and point to the unique role each individual plays in the world and universe. The word love is spelled l.u.v. as a nod to his core belief that we all are living universal vibrations.   


All in all, the podcast aims to bring levity to the discourse taking place in society. Coining the term "love lense", Carl uses the podcast as a space to discuss situations from a constructive and uplifting point of view. This show seeks to add to the discourse respects and values all other views but humbly wants to add his reflections along-side the others to provide those who may benefit the opportunity to love themselves and others in enhanced ways.  The YOUniversal Luv Movement Podcast is intended to allow Carl the opportunity to download information from the cosmos to share with you and himself. 

Sending love vibrations your way...

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Dr. Carl S. Moore

Executive Producer & Host

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